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Beach Blitz

Beach Blitz

Check out the full highlights of Beach Blitz, the competition Marina High School hosted as an off-season competition for the 2019 game: Destination Deep Space

Check out the site: beachblitz.ocra.io


Beach Blitz

Viking Robotics is a FIRST Robotics team located in Huntington Beach, California. Each year at Marina High School, over thirty student members work with adult mentors to design and construct a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Every student has a specific role in our team, and our members all contribute to a team effort. From our involvement in robotics, we learn a set of skills, from leadership to cooperation, that will benefit us in our futures.
Viking Robotics stresses the vitality of learning in an environment that is friendly, competitive, and most importantly, fun.

Remember, Vikings come FIRST!

FIRST Robotics is a wonderful program.

Thomas Zook

Physics Teacher, Marina High School

I love FIRST because… I love sharing my passion for engineering to build robots!

Eric Gever

Engineer, Boeing